The future development of fan industry will focus on energy conservation and environmental protection

With the rapid development of wind turbine, and the wind turbine industry has a certain representation in the entire manufacturing industry, the wind turbine industry will usher in a rapid development mode. In the future, the development of wind turbine industry will focus on energy conservation and environmental protection.

Industry development analysis:
With the rapid development of economic globalization, market demand will not only be the driving force of production. It also has higher requirements for technological development. At present, the demand for fans in the market will not only be evaluated by quality alone, but also have higher requirements for short production cycle, production cost and even assembled parts. As an important type of fluid machinery, centrifugal fan is widely used in all sectors of the national economy. It is one of the primary energy consuming machinery and an important research field of energy conservation and emission reduction. The research process indicates that the description level of the impeller of the traveling centrifugal fan is the key to the power of the traveling centrifugal fan and the expansion of its working condition planning. In this paper, from the description of centrifugal fan impeller and the function of moving centrifugal fan impeller using boundary layer control technology, the methods and methods of moving centrifugal fan function proposed in recent years are summarized and analyzed.

In addition, in the market economy, to survive and develop, fan manufacturers should also have strong new product development capabilities and machining capabilities to meet customer requirements. Sometimes we have to take the initiative to make full use of the improvement in design to optimize the fan products and pursue the maximum economic benefits. In today’s increasingly serious environmental pollution, whether the production technology is environmentally friendly, whether energy conservation, consumption reduction, pollution reduction and whether the materials can be recycled have gradually become one of the signs of competitiveness of this material and its production method.

Post time: Dec-22-2022