How to clean the dedusting centrifugal fan?

Cleaning centrifugal dedusting fan:
1. First, unscrew the two screws at the bottom of the centrifugal dedusting fan.
2. After disassembling, we can see the dust exhaust fan assembly. Unscrew the three screws fixing the dust exhaust fan, find the connector along the motor wire, open the connector, and remove the plastic cover of the cooling dust exhaust fan at the rear of the dust exhaust fan. The fan blades of the dust exhaust fan can be removed.
3. Unscrew the fixing screw (M4) on the top of the fan wheel of the centrifugal dust removal fan and tap it quietly or use two screwdrivers to insert it between the fan wheel and the motor free plate and pry it off slowly, then the fan wheel of the dust removal fan can be cleaned with water.
4. The cleaning and disassembling of the motor is relatively simple. Unscrew the two screws on the top to take out the motor rotor and sort it out. Check the rotor condition. According to the wear condition, polish the rotor with sandpaper and other methods.
Clean the oil dirt and sundries with cleaning agent on the motor bearing and then apply grease or engine oil.
The structural fan of dust exhaust fan is mainly composed of impeller, casing, air inlet, transmission group, etc.
1. Impeller: a backward inclined arc blade composed of multi blade materials, welded with the arc cone wheel cover and the center of the flat wheel disc. After static and dynamic balance correction, it works stably.
2. Casing: it is welded into a whole volute shell with ordinary steel plates.
3. Air inlet: It shall be made into a convergent streamlined integral structure and fixed at the inlet side of the casing with bolts.
4. Transmission group: It consists of main shaft, bearing box, belt pulley, etc. The main shaft is made of high-quality steel, and the bearing box is an integral structure. Rolling bearing is adopted, and the rolling bearing is smooth with grease.

Post time: Dec-22-2022