Model 4-72,B4-72 and F4-72 Centrifugal Blower

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Application field: Model 4-72 Centrifugal Blower may be used for the indoor ventilation in ordinary factory or in large-scale building. B4-72Conveys air or other gas which may not self-ignite, do no harm to human body or is not corrosive to the steels. Model B4-72 Centrifugal Blower may be used for the ventilation of gas which is flammable and volatile. No glutinous matter is allowed in the gas. The dust or grain matter is no more than 150mg/m3. The gas temperature is no more than 80℃.

The performance, spare parts and installation size of Model B4-72 blower are the same as Model 4-72, and may be selected according to its sample book. This blower structure is principally the same as Model 4-72. The motor should select YB series corresponding to the Y series in the chart. Model F4-72 blower adopts stainless steel for conveying corrosive gas, and its performance and installation are the same as Model 4-72.

Transmission Modes Direct Joint/Belt/Coupling
Flux(m3/h) 483-143910
Total Pressure(Pa) 303-4040
Power(kW) 0.75-160
Impeller Diameter 200-1600
Instructions Download pdfico  4-72, B4-72, F4-72.pdf

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